Digital Storytelling

Most of my attention this week has been geared towards writing materials for the forthcoming Digital Storytelling workshops I’m going to be running in November. That seems quite a way off but I’m determined to put this through a few iterations before presenting it.

The main thrust of the workshop will be looking at how to capture the whole process of digital storytelling, from research through to reflection and looking at different ways of making it assessable.

I’m getting a little stuck on issues of intellectual property. I’ll be bigging up use of Creative Commons but I’m looking for some examples of best practice for crediting images used – Creative Commons have a standard format but not many people seem to be following it. The other issue is regarding students’ copyright over their own original work.

I’ve been looking through JISC Digital Media’s guidance on it but may also put a call into JISC Legal.

On a related note, I posted a comment on Mike Herrity’s blog post about using Animoto and he turned it into a guest post! <blush> The teacher it refers to is Justin Banks, head of drama at the City School, Sheffield – someone I really enjoyed working with due to his innovative ideas and willingness to experiment.

The bitter sting of rejection

OK, that’s a little dramatic but a proposal I wrote in response to an invitation to tender from JISC was unsuccessful, I learnt at the end of last week. It would have been a good project to get my teeth into. ┬áThese things happen, though. I’ll take the feedback on board and have another go when the opportunity arises.

The sweet smell of success

My Sheffield Hallam Blackboard records page shows I have officially passed the PG Cert year of my Masters and am cleared for year 2. I’m really hoping that budget problems don’t cut a swathe through our small cohort, though. We’ve had a really good group.

I’ll do a review of the 1st year soon – many interesting and unexpected things learnt.

On a personal note…

This weekend we met up with some good friends from Matlock at the National Railway Museum. It was great just being able to pick up instantly where we left off with them. I miss Matlock but it’s definitely the people I miss the most.

…and we got the keys to our new house! Whoop! It was a slightly odd day, waiting till 3pm to pick up the keys only to turn up at the property to find that the previous owners were still there…which was awkward! So, we are now the proud owners of a lovely 3 bed semi in Newcastle, about a dozen large frogs (in the garden – see pic), some of the most outrageous ad hoc shelving I’ve ever seen and a to do list as long as the street (task 1: remove the shelving!).